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No Sugar 1/2 Ham (Bone-in)

No Sugar 1/2 Ham (Bone-in)

A delicious holiday tradition!

There's nothing as special as bringing a bone-in ham to the table to share with your loved ones!

Miller's bone-in 1/2 Ham is made from our woodlot pork, salt, vinegar, and spices. There is no sugar and no nitrates or nitrites added to the ham.

The lifestyle of our pigs makes for an extra rich pork that is enhanced by the curing process. Leaving the bone in adds even more nutrients and flavor, and makes for a great presentation at the table!

All you need to do to prepare this ham is reheat it in the oven to 165°F and serve with your favorite sides.

If you have leftovers, ham is great in hash, breakfast sandwiches, frittata, or even fried rice.


Pork, water, vinegar, sea salt, and black pepper, spice extractives. *No nitrates or nitrites added