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2lb - Bread Flour

2lb - Bread Flour

Chemical free - non GMO

Put on your apron, its time to start baking with this bread flour!

Curious what makes bread flour different from regular flour?

Bread flour is a high protein flour deigned for baking yeasted breads.

This type of flour has more gluten in it, this creates more elastic dough, and the results in a a light, airy, and chewy textured bread..yum!

How does it taste?

Bread flour tastes well, like bread! This is the flour that will give you that oh so yummy freshly baked bread taste and mouth feel.

What you get:

Miller's flours are all heritage grains grown and milled in Lancaster County.

Chemical free and non-GMO come in 2lb and 5lb bags.

-2 lb bag = about 8 cups

-5 lb bag = about 20 cups

Care & Storage:

To preserve freshness store in a cool, dark, dry place. For longer storage keep in freezer.

*From heritage seeds that are saved year after year.


Honest Disclosure: The wheat is grown by Beiler's Heritage Acres and the farms they work with directly and hold the same standards with. They do NOT use pesticides or herbicides, but they do spray certified organic and chemical-free fish, calcium, and phosphorous.



A Blend of 3-4 varieties of Non-GMO Hard Red Winter Wheat