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2lb - Roasted Cornmeal

2lb - Roasted Cornmeal

Chemical free - non GMO

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Get cooking some cornbread in your kitchen with this roast cornmeal!

Miller's cornmeal is wood fire roasted and stone ground.

It is made from Dent corn which is high in protein and can be ground into a variety of corn products for cooking.

Dent corn received its name because of the small indentation, or "dent", at the crown of each kernel on a ripe ear of corn.

It is commonly used for making corn tortillas, corn chips, and hard taco shells...and of course corn bread!

How does it taste?

Our corn meal has a prominent corn flavor with a subtle roasted flavor from the wood firing process.

What you get:

Miller's flours are all heritage grains grown and milled in Lancaster County.

Chemical free and non-GMO come in 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb bags.

-2 lb bag = about 8 cups

-5 lb bag = about 20 cups

-10 lb bag = about 40 cups

Care & Storage:

To preserve freshness store in a cool, dark, dry place. For longer storage keep in freezer.



Chemical-Free, Non GMO Dent Corn