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Chicken Pet Food with Coarse Bones

Chicken Pet Food with Coarse Bones

Corn & Soy Free | Air Chilled

The best food, for your best friend!

Made from pastured chickens fed GMO-free, soy-free feed.

This is NOT a complete pet food. It is ground muscle meat and coarsely ground bones only. Bones pieces may be smaller or larger.

Complete pet food includes 80% muscle meat & fat, 5% liver, 5% other offal, and 10% soft bone.

To make sure your animals are getting a healthy diet, you can feed this pet food to your animals and either supplement with other ingredients or make your own homemade pet food mixes.

This pet food is from animals raised for human consumption with the same standards as our other meats.

However, they were not processed at a certified USDA facility. This means the meat is not legally suitable for human consumption.


Note: It is not recommend that you cook this food before feeding, as cooked bones are not healthy for pets.

Honest Disclosure: Packaged in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.