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Pork Chorizo Oaxaca Sausage, 12.6oz

Pork Chorizo Oaxaca Sausage, 12.6oz

Pork Casing
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Spice up taco night with this zesty pork chorizo Oaxaca sausage!

Made with fifteen spices and pasture-raised pork, this sausage is sure to excited even the most jaded palates.

Miller's sausage is made with the best ingredients for flavor that can't be beat! There are no preservatives or fillers in these links, which make them perfect for feeding your healthy family.

Grill up some pork chorizo Oaxaca sausage for a spicy take on a sausage sandwich, serve them with eggs in the morning, or crumble the sausage as an excellent taco filling.

With three different chilis, these sausages will definitely add a pep to your step.


Honest Disclosure: Whole pigs are washed in organic apple cider vinegar after slaughter. Non-GMO corn is in the pig feed. Pork casings are from conventional hogs raised outside of the United States. Vinegar is conventional white vinegar. Herbs and spices are not organically grown. Vacuum sealed in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.



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