Is yolk color is no longer a great indicator of the egg's nutrition? READ MORE.

Free Downloadable Guides

On this page, you’ll find FREE resources to help you on your real food journey. Whether you’re just starting out or already have farm-direct food sources, you can be sure to find something useful.

Shelf Life Guide for Farm Fresh Food

Need help planning how much to order and how often? This guide contains an easy-to-read chart showing how long our foods last in the pantry, fridge, & freezer and also contains tips & tricks for stocking your kitchen with nutrient-dense, farm-direct foods.

Guide to Freezing Dairy

Can you freeze dairy? At Miller’s, we get this question often. The short answer is, yes, you can freeze dairy. I mean, you CAN freeze anything really. But, the question is, SHOULD you and HOW should you? This guide for deciding if freezing is right for you and includes tips and tricks for best freezing success.

Real Food Nutrition Facts Guide

The nutrition facts in this guide are estimates of the nutritional content of our real nutrient-dense foods. Some are comparisons to similar store bought products. Some are calculated based on our farm's recipes. For those eating farm direct food and tracking macros, this is a must see.