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Don't want to use a card?
We got you.
Prepay with a check or money order.
Use store credit instead of a card.

How It Works

1 Fill Out the Form

Download, print, and fill our our 1-page Prepayment Form. Make sure the info matches your account on our site.

2 Mail Us Your Payment

Mail your completed form to us along with your check or money order. There's a minimum $250 and maximum or $10,000.

3 Get Store Credit

Once your payment clears, we'll load the amount you paid as store credit on your account. The next time you place an order, we'll deduct store credit instead of charging a card.

Common Questions

Once we receive your form and payment, we will deposit it within 3 business days. Checks usually clear within 2 business days. That means that you should get your store credit about a week after we receive your payment.
When your store credit is loaded, you will receive an email immediately.
That's easy. Login and go to Menu --> Account --> My Account.
Yes! We'll send you an email when funds get below $100, $50, and $20.
Yes, you will still need to keep a card with funds loaded on your account. If you 100% want to avoid debit/credit cards, you're welcome to use a gift card or a prepaid debit card.
When you checkout, you will see how much store credit is applied to your order. If you do not have enough, be prepared to pay the balance with a card (you can use a prepaid debit card if you'd like). Or, hold off on ordering until you prepay again and have more store credit.

It's farm policy that orders are paid before you receive it. Given the delay with prepayment, we expect that you will be vigilent in managing your store credit.