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Our Farming Practices

No confusing greenwashed labels, just straightforward honest info.

(yea, it's probably TMI)

A Community of Farms

Miller's Bio Farm is a community of local (mostly Amish) farmers, all working together to get you the highest quality, most nutrient-dense foods possible. Miller's Bio Farm produces 100% of the cow dairy, but everything else is because of our partnerships within our local community.

About 95% of our products are grown and produced by farms in Lancaster County, PA. All of our artisan producers are committed to regenerative farming, using natural ingredients, and raising happy healthy animals. View all vendors.

Humanely Raised

Animals should be treated with respect. Our animals have free access to wholesome and nutritious food. They have the ability to get ample exercise and spend lots of time outside. They are kept in clean and sanitary conditions with plenty of ventilation. In the rare case an animal falls ill, they receive prompt medical attention.

Our Regenerative Practices

The word "regenerative" means something different to every farmer. To us, it means keeping biodiversity in our pastures and supreme soil health. All of our farms welcome nature with a diversity of plants, bugs, animals, and microbiology, too. Plus, they make sure the soil has just the right ratios of minerals, which in turn will grow the highest quality plants.

The better the health of our plants, the better the health of our animals, and the better health for you when you eat our foods! Learn more about our own cow dairy farms' regenerative practices here.

Natural Healthcare

Since our animals live an active life and eat a natural diet, an animal falling ill is rare. However, if it does happen, we give homeopathics and exhaust all resources before resorting to conventional medicine. If an animal does get antibiotics or anything synthetic, they would not be used for food.

No Routine Vaccination

We have never and will never give our animals mRNA vaccines. It's a hard no. What about other old fashioned vaccines? Do we vaccinate our animals? The short answer is no. We do not routinely vaccinate any of our animals, and none of the farms in our community do either. However, there have been a couple instances where our animals have received vaccines. You can read more about that here.

We are sadly NOT "organic"

Since we are not a “certified organic” farm, we cannot legally use the word “organic” to describe our food… even though it’s probably the best word in modern American culture to use. 

Although we're not “certified organic”, we follow most of the requirements plus some. All of our food is GMO free, synthetic pesticide and herbicide free, antibiotic free, hormone free, irradiation free, chemical free, sludge free, unidentifiable ingredient free... you get the point.

Our farmers want to spend time farming, not paying fees and doing mindless paperwork. If you have any specific questions about our farming practices, contact us. We are an open book and will go above and beyond to answer very specific questions. 

You deserve to know everything about your food.

Here's exactly how our animals live and eat:

Dairy Cows

Our dairy cows are outside as much as the weather allows. In the warmer months, they eat fresh pasture. In the colder months, they eat dry pasture (AKA hay). They are 100% grass-fed, and this means no grain ever! Our pasture and hay is grown to the highest quality without chemicals, so no worries about toxins there.

Our herds are 80% Jersey and 20% Jersey crosses (Jersey/Guernsey, Jersey/Brown Swiss, Jersey/Holstein, etc). All of our dairy cows are genetically tested to verify that the milk they produce contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein. This is the only way to know if the milk is truly A2/A2.

We never give our cows hormones, steroids, routine antibiotics, or routine vaccinations (and definitely no mRNA vaccines). We raise them as naturally as possible.

Laying Hens & Ducks

The laying hens and ducks live on pasture year round, but of course they prefer to be inside near a heater in the very cold months. In addition to the bugs and seeds they forage for naturally, they are fed a GMO-free, soy-free, and corn-free feed that contains a specially formulated blend of wheat, peas, barley, fishmeal, flax seed, kelp, and a nutri-balancer which has kelp, vitamins, and minerals. 

Beef Cattle

Our beef cattle are 100% grass fed & finished and live outside year round, no matter the temperature or the weather. They eat a salad bar of fresh pasture in the warmer months and dry pasture in the colder months. They exercise a lot and are never given steroids, drugs, or vaccines.


The pigs come from Berkshire, Duroc, Red Waddle, and Black crosses. They have plenty of room to play and root. In addition to the food they find solo, the pigs are fed lots of skim milk and their regular feed, which is mostly oats but also contains peas, fish meal, seashell flour, alfalfa meal, wheat middlings, kelp, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. The feed is free of corn, soy, GMOs, and chemicals. And the pigs are never given antibiotics or hormones.

Chickens & Turkeys

Chickens and turkeys are pasture raised. Turkey are outside with a guard dog for protection. Chickens are kept in mobile coops that are moved daily. In addition to the bugs and seeds they forage for, they are also given a non-GMO feed that contains wheat, peas, barley, fishmeal (from sardines), flax seed, kelp, and a nutri-balancer which has kelp, vitamins, and minerals.


The way nature intended, our bees are raised by working with the bees instead of against them. The bees are moved to wild foraging areas around the United States so the bees always have work to do and nectar to collect. The honey is raw and unfiltered and free from pesticides and GMO pollen. The beef are NOT fed high fructose corn syrup and mites are controlled WITHOUT chemicals.

Goats for Dairy

The goats have free access to pasture year round. However, in the hot summer, they usually choose to stay in the barn. When they're not eating forage at pasture, they are fed a GMO-free, corn-free, soy-free, and chemical-free feed from a farmer that raises and mixes the grains himself. Feed contains barley, oats, canola meal, alfalfa, speltz, flaxseed, and minerals.

Buffalo for Dairy

The buffalo live a very similar life to our dairy cows. They are outside as much as the weather allows, eating fresh and dry chemical-free pasture as the weather allows. They are 100% grass-fed - no grain ever! Buffalo naturally produce milk that is A2/A2, so no genetic testing is required. The buffalo never receive hormones, steroids, or drugs. We raise them as naturally as possible.