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1 pint - Cultured A2/A2 Ghee (Glass)

1 pint - Cultured A2/A2 Ghee (Glass)

Pasteurized Cow

Our cultured ghee is made from our 100% grass fed, pasture raised, A2/A2 cream. To make cultured ghee, our cream is fermented into sour cream, churned into butter, and then clarified to make cultured ghee. With a deep yellow color, our cultured ghee has a rich tart flavor and is excellent for high temp cooking.

Need the Nitty Gritty Details?

Cultured ghee has a very long shelf life and should last up to a year (or more) in the fridge or pantry. But, of course, once it's opened there are so many variables that can affect shelf life (contaminants getting in, etc).
Cultured ghee has a slight tang and a clean flavor. You can use as you would cultured butter... except, since ghee has a higher smoke point, it's also excellent for high temp cooking. It's perfect for searing meat or roasting vegetables with sea salt.
Is this ghee the way it's made in India?
Yes, cultured ghee is the traditional way ghee is made in India. If you're from India or have traveled there recently, it's sure to bring you some nostalgia.

What's the difference between regular ghee and cultured ghee?
Cultured ghee is made from sour cream, and regular ghee is made from fresh cream. They are both golden, clean, and perfect for high temp cooking. The difference is the flavor. Because it's made from sour cream, cultured ghee has a tang to it.

What exactly is ghee?
Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is made from slowly simmering our A2/A2, 100% grass fed, pasture raised butter to separate the milk solids from the golden, pure fat. This process leaves behind a rich, nutty-flavored cooking oil, known for its high smoke point and deep, delicious taste.

Do you make raw ghee?
Raw ghee is not a thing. To make ghee, you need to boil it for hours to remove impurities from the fat. It's innately an ultra-pasteurized product. Whether you start with raw or pasteurized butter doesn't seem to matter. No matter what, you get the same exact ghee.
The journey to creating our premium cultured ghee starts with our high-quality cream, made by our A2/A2, 100% grass fed, pasture raised cows. Here's how we do it:
1. We begin by culturing cream, turning it into sour cream.
2. Then, the sour cream is churned into butter (more specifically, it's churned into cultured butter).
3. Next, the cultured butter is gently melted. This slow and controlled process is crucial to separate the different components of the butter.
4. As the butter melts, it separates into three layers. The top layer consists of water and milk solids, the middle layer is the golden fat, and the bottom layer contains more milk solids. 
5. The top layer of milk solids is carefully skimmed off. Then, the clear, golden fat (which is the ghee) is strained to remove any remaining solids, ensuring purity.
6. The clear, liquid cultured ghee is then allowed to cool. Once solidified, it turns golden yellow with a soft, creamy texture. It's then packaged, ready to bring its rich, nutty, and tangy flavor to your kitchen.
The butter used to make this ghee is pasteurized, which means that microorganisms, fatty acids, and minerals are altered. Cultured with freeze-dried cultures, and there may be trace amounts of additives.