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2lb - All Purpose Einkorn Flour

2lb - All Purpose Einkorn Flour

Chemical free - non GMO

Want to eat like our ancestors? Try Einkorn flour, it is an ancient grain!

Einkorn is an ancient wheat that has a different, weaker kind of gluten than modern day wheat.

Einkorn is a good source of protein, contains essential trace minerals and vitamins, and has a significant amount of a super antioxidant called lutein.

How does it taste?

Einkorn has similar taste and texture to modern whole wheat flours. However, it imparts a deeper, nutty, and toastier essence than regular flour. It makes for a good hearty bread or other baked goods. To lighten it up a bit you can always use 50/50 all purpose flour and einkorn flour if desired.

What you get:

Miller's flours are all heritage grains grown and milled in Lancaster County.

Chemical free and non-GMO come in 2lb and 5lb bags.

-2 lb bag = about 8 cups

-5 lb bag = about 20 cups

Care & Storage:

To preserve freshness store in a cool, dark, dry place. For longer storage keep in freezer.


Honest Disclosure: The einkorn is grown by Beiler's Heritage Acres and the farms they work with directly and hold the same standards with. They do NOT use pesticides or herbicides, but they do spray certified organic and chemical-free fish, calcium, and phosphorous.



Chemical-Free, Non-GMO Einkorn Berries