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Stews made with our 100% grass-fed and finished beef make traditional comfort food a gourmet treat!

Loaded with rich collagen and flavorful fat, our beef cubes require long, slow cooking to become tender and juicy.  

So what’s the secret? Searing and Braising! Here’s how: 

-First, SEAR the cubes in a frying pan in vegetable oil on the stovetop. I like to coat the cubes with flour first (I mix a bit of salt and pepper in the flour). 

-Next, BRAISE them. Put the cubes in a Dutch oven or big heavy pot on the stove. Cover with beef broth (or water) and bring to a boil. Add onions and celery (all cut up pretty chunky). Turn down the heat to a very low simmer for a really long time, like two hours at least. The longer the better for tasty, flakey, melt-in-your-mouth cubes. 

-Finally, about an hour or so before you eat, add a bunch of root vegetables and whatever else you like. I like: carrots (a must), turnips, parsnips, potatoes, Worchester sauce, a bay leaf, paprika, salt and pepper. You’ll know your stew is done when the densest root vegetable gets soft. If you want a creamy stew, right before you serve your creation, mix some flour with water (make it look like milk) and pour it in the stew little by little, stirring all the while. Enjoy!

Pssst…while we say these cubes are for stew you can use them for shish kabob just as well.  

The trick to great shish kabob on the grill is the marinade. Marinate for at least six hours (I like 24 hours best) and your cubes will be soft and delicious.


Honest Disclosure: Packaged in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.