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Made from einkorn bread

The simple stuff. Free from preservatives and stabilizers and anti-caking agents.

Because of this, our einkorn bread crumbs do not last as long as conventional store bought bread crumbs. Store in the freezer for long term or in the pantry for a few weeks.


About our baked goods: 

Miller’s Bio Farm aims to source the healthiest and highest quality baked goods. 

All of our bakery items are made with 100% all natural ingredients! 

Our baked goods are always GMO-Free and Soy-Free.

The ingredients in our bakery products are sourced as locally as possible, and often come from the bakers own homestead!

All of our baked goods are made in small batches by local Amish bakeries.

These local bakeries use traditional baking techniques like soaked nuts and flour, sourdough fermentation, and doughs kneaded and rolled by hand. 



Organic Einkorn flour, water, 100% grass-fed pastured milk, Stocktin's raw honey, organic coconut oil, pastured soy-free eggs, organic blackstrap molasses, real salt