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Ground Chicken

Ground Chicken

A substitute for ground beef or ground pork!

It's lean, high in protein, and easy to cook with!

Because ground chicken is lean it can tend to be a bit dry. You can offset this by adding sources of moisture like sauces, fats, or broths to your recipes.

Ground chicken is so versatile, use it for tacos, meatballs, burgers and more!

Get creative in the kitchen with this easy to use ingredient.

*Comes frozen and individually vacuum sealed.


About our chicken:

Here at Miller's Bio Farm our chickens have access to a wholesome and natural diet.

Our hens forage for countless seeds and bugs on our beautiful green pastures. In addition to the food they find solo, we feed the chickens a GMO-free feed. The feed contains a specially formulated blend of corn, wheat, peas, barley, fishmeal (from sardines), flax seed, kelp, and a nutri-balancer which has kelp, vitamins, and minerals.

We believe animals should be treated with respect and have access to plenty of fresh air, open space, and sunshine!

Our hens spend their time on pasture in mobile chicken coops doing what chickens do best, catching bugs, scratching in the dirt, and soaking in the sun. These coops get moved daily to allow the hens to always have access to fresh pasture.

The hens share the pasture with their guard dog Trixi and their guard alpacas. Yes, alpacas help guard our flock of chickens by alerting of predictors with heir unique sounds, and of course spit!

A better chicken, and a difference you can taste!

The quality of the life of our hens reflected in the quality of our chicken products. When you order chicken from Miller's Bio Farm you can be sure that you are getting the real deal, pasture-raised, nutrient-dense, wholesome chicken!