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London Broil

London Broil

This is not your mom's chewy steak!

London broil is the perfect choice for to share with friends or family! It's easy to cook and will feed a crowd.

London Broil is cut from the round, or rear leg, of the steer. It's a large, flat, and relatively thick. This steak is super lean, which really allows the incredible flavor of Miller's 100% grass-fed beef to shine.

London broil has a bad reputation as a tough steak, but all it takes to break that is proper cooking. Our top tips:

-Make sure to marinate this steak. Your favorite herbs and seasonings will add flavor and help tenderize the meat.

-Cook the steak hot and fast on a grill or cast iron pan until it is rare or medium rare.

-Let the London Broil rest for ten minutes, then slice very thinly against the grain.

The result is juicy ribbons of meat, best served with your choice of vegetables.