Honest disclosure - we're not perfect and neither are our products. Read more and join the conversation.

The owners of Gap View Homestead both grew up on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, and during their first 11 years of marriage, owned and operated a dairy farm. Then, around 2013, they started a small family-run farm. In 2018, they purchased a small fermenting/canning business from Oasis at Bird-In-Hand. Now, they use the farm to produce homegrown vegetables for the business. Their focus is on fermented vegetables but they hope to expand to include new healthy products.

There are lots of benefits in running a small, family farm. They have the time to care about each product. They can focus on quality over quantity. There are also disadvantages. It can be hard to compete with large, mass-producing businesses and farms. That’s why they need your help. They are looking for loyal customers who are committed to fresh, quality, and healthy foods. They need people who want to support the small farms of America.

They believe it should be easy to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why they work hard to make to make their fresh farm products affordable and accessible.

Gap View Homestead