Is yolk color is no longer a great indicator of the egg's nutrition? READ MORE.

Our eggs are coming from two stellar farmers with the same exact standards - Wholesome Living Acres and Harmony Acres. The eggs from the pastured hens are unsurpassed in quality. These ladies are fed a GMO-free, soy-free, and corn-free diet of grain as well as having full access pasture to a fresh "salad" (and bugs and seeds) every day.

Wholesome Living Acres is a certified organic farm that is nestled into the quiet rolling hills of Lykens, PA. The farm is the home to free range hens, pastured cows and pigs. Wholesome Living Acres is a grower for Tuscarora Organic Growers specializing in garlic, asparagus and an assortment of other seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Harmony Acres is a chemical-free farm in Gap, PA in beautiful Lancaster County. They are a food ministry on a mission to inspire farmers to become genuine stewards of the Lord's earthly resources. Their aim is to reestablish local, decentralized food production by rendering to God the things that are His.

Our Egg Farmers