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Based in Southern California by way of Barcelona, Spain, Revival Einkorn is the culmination of a decades long, single-minded pursuit to bring nutritious, whole and regenerative foods to market. A unique collaborative effort driven by an international crew of nutritionists, designers, bakers, millers, supply-chain pros, financiers, and more, Revival Einkorn seeks to change the way we eat by reviving the ancient food wisdom the modern world left behind. 

Twenty years is just a blip when compared to the history of einkorn, which dates back more than 14,000 years, but in the world of natural and organic foods, it’s a lifetime. And, a lifetime is exactly what Revival Einkorn founder, Werner Forster, has devoted to his hunt for a truly revolutionary grain. 

Forster didn’t start out looking for a better wheat. Early on he observed firsthand the alarming trends tied to our increasing dependence on processed foods and decided to do something about it. With years spent disrupting commercial food industries—revolutionizing decades of harmful growing practices within the organic fruit trade and pioneering practices to make aquaculture truly healthful, regenerative, and sustainable—Forster and his wife, Maria, are now disrupting the business of deficient wheat with Revival Einkorn’s painstakingly perfected einkorn products. After so many years of dedicated work, Werner, Maria, and the entire Revival Einkorn team are thrilled to share these delicious, nutritious einkorn products with you.

Revival Einkorn