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Be a Smart Natural Food Shopper

& Ditch the Greenwashed Grocery Store

Get ethically produced, truly natural, not greenwashed, delicious food for your family (even the furry ones).
Delivered to you with sustainable packaging!

You'll Benefit from Our Clean & Regenerative Farming Standards

Frustrated with the complicated food system?

Disappointed in stores finding almost nothing that meets your standards?

Tired of saying "ugh" reading labels?

Done with complex or disorganized grocery store alternatives?

Settling for "good enough"?

Buying good food for your family shouldn't be stressful or complicated.

Clean nourishing foods should be commonplace and easy to buy.

We get it! This is why we created something different, so you can finally have natural food that's real and easy to digest (both in your gut and also with the clear info we provide for you).

It's our mission to be your amazing and reliable source for clean, nutrient dense food.

Stop settling for food that's "good enough" and being disappointed by food store after food store. Instead, take the work out of sourcing your food, and find a farm-direct source to partner with.

Don't take our word for it.

Here's what our customers say.

Here's how you do it

Make confident & well informed food choices.

Goodbye greenwashed labels and hello honest info. We remove the mental burden of "the food system" so you can find foods that meet your specific standards with ease.

Get foods that you're proud to eat delivered.

The ordering and delivery process is smooth and easy. Delivered right to your door or a location near you in sustainable packaging!

Feel like a genius while you unbox.

Unbox clean, nourishing foods that your entire family will love. Your fridge and pantry will be stocked! Cook with pride and savor every bite. Be a smart natural food shopper.

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🌱 Sustainability doesn't stop on our farm. With the exception of the thin plastic lining of our drain safe ice packs, our packing materials are all compostable!

Want to see where your food comes from?

Take a tour of the farm - Watch this video!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"