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Raw A2 Milk and Cheese
Truly Pastured Meat

Farm food delivered to your door or a location near you

It shouldn’t be a struggle to find real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting food.

With our family of small farms, you can eat for health and happiness.

That’s why our food is ethically and naturally produced:

Raised humanely on pasture

100% grass fed cow milk and beef

100% genetically tested A2 cow milk and cheese

No GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones

No synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or ingredients

Committed to regenerative agriculture and soil practices

Let's raise the next generation of healthy children together.

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    We believe in transparency in food production so you can make informed and confident decisions. 

    How it Works

    We deliver to your door or to a location near you.

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    Trusted by our Families

    I am a dietitian and mom of three young children. I know the importance of high quality food and just how contaminated most of the food supply is. I have come to trust the farm and have been ordering from them for over a year now. My family loves the cheeses and the chicken! I don’t mind paying more for the best quality food around. Thank you guys!!!
    Jenny Loew
    I have never had this quality of cow milk before, you can see the difference in the color itself. The milk which is yellower, shows that these cows are truly grass fed and the beautiful cream that you get from this milk is great for people who want to make butter/whip cream/cheese at home. I really like making yogurt and cottage cheese from their milk its so creamy and delicious.
    Avinash Saraon
    I have been buying food from Aaron for about 7 years and the quality is amazing. His animals are treated humanely, living in their green pastures as animals are meant too. His raw dairy is A2 and is the only milk I will let my kids drink. The butter is beyond divine! The eggs are another favorite of my family. You have to look at Aaron's food as investment in your families health. His food is nutrient dense and just what our bodies need.
    Heather Bjornson
    We’ve been ordering from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm for over a year and the experience has been life changing. From the eggs, to the dairy, to the fermented products, pork and chicken, my family has seen greater health and fewer digestive issues since we started purchasing Miller’s Farm products. The farmer and his family, as well as the manager, are kind and responsive. I appreciate their commitment to quality food production, high-touch customer service, and transparency about their processes and post-farm production. I highly recommend them!
    Kathy Zamora
    My experience with Miller's Farm is that it has the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods that I can buy. If there is ever a problem with an item, which is inevitable in life but rare with this farm, the issue is immediately taken care of with a simple email or phone call.
    Janet Kissack
    I love this farm! I have been purchasing quality dairy, produce, meats and other products for about 1 year. This is the type of food you want for your family - clean nutrition without unwanted and unnecessary GMOs and chemicals! I know you will love their products as much as I do. 😊
    Lora Mattia
    The best raw, organic farm in the Pennsylvania-Jersey area. The highest methods and practices which arises from their beliefs and knowledge. This multigenerational organization has earned the trust of the Weston A. Price Foundation for a reason. They bring raw health and necessary, lifesaving nutrition to the table every day.
    Dr Don Joergens
    Simply the best!
    Sarah World
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