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2 talks at Farm Day, and it's just 1 week away! Raw milk legal stuff and natural challenges.

May 13, 2022

I can’t believe Farm Day is just one short week away!

The Miller’s team has been working hard to bring this event to you, and we are so excited to welcome you on the farm. 

We have a new addition to Farm Day this year - 2 talks by myself and farmer Aaron. They’ll happen under the tent, in the pasture. 

Here are the topics:

The History of Raw Milk and Today’s Raw Milk Laws (11am)

People have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years, but it didn’t start becoming vilified until the late 1800s. What changed? Why did this happen? How did policymakers, businesses, and consumers respond? And, why is 1987 such an important year? We’ll explore the history of raw milk, the current laws, and what it all means for you as a consumer.

Natural Farming in a Conventional World (1:30pm)

Miller’s Bio Farm is all about providing you the highest quality, most natural and nutritious foods possible. We love what we do, but it’s definitely NOT easy. Why? We are operating in a “system” that has different goals and different values. What struggles, challenges, and initiatives has Miller’s Bio Farm faced? How have they worked through it so far? What’s coming next? What do consumers need to know when shopping for natural foods?

Gee, writing all this is getting me even more hyped up. I’m so looking forward to having meaningful conversations and getting to know you better.

Did you buy your tickets yet? I’d LOVE to see you at Farm Day <3


Farm Day 2022

Want to learn more about where your food comes from and how it's produced with care? Please join us for an afternoon of farm food and fun!


Saturday, May 21 from10am - 3pm


Miller's Bio Farm, 523 Valley Road, Quarryville, PA 17566


  • 10 - Arrival: Sign in at the Welcome Table in the Barn
  • 11-12 - Talk: The History of Raw Milk and Today’s Raw Milk Laws
  • 12-1 - Lunch: Homemade Family-Style 
  • 1:30-2:30 - Talk: Natural Farming in a Conventional World
  • 3 - End


*Can be done anytime at Farm Day. Not on a schedule. 

  • Chat with farmer Aaron and the farm team
  • See the animals
  • Pony rides
  • Wagon rides
  • Meet the vendors
  • On Farm Shopping

Shopping Pass

*Exclusive on farm access. Get the BEST prices we offer with special Farm Day only deals.


*Each vendor will have a table and samples. They are happy to chat and answer questions.

  • Wholesome Living Acres: Pastured, soy-free eggs. Ask about his transition to corn-free and soy-free eggs.
  • Walnut Run Bakery: Einkorn bread, pizzas, crackers, muffins, cookies, donut holes, whoopie pies, and sticky buns. Ask about the new products that are in the works.
  • Susie's Organic Kefir: Grape, lemon ginger, and pineapple kefir soda. Ask about their process and new flavors.
  • Healthy Beverages: Apple, grape, blueberry, and root beer kombucha. Ask about their process and new flavors.
  • Suplee Hollow Cereals: Soaked oats and nuts, chocolate bark, and granola bars. Ask about their process and new products.


*Basically everything served is either a product that Miller's sells or will be handmade by the farm staff with ingredients from the farm!


  • Einkorn Crackers 
  • 3 Kinds of A2/A2 Cheese 
  • Chocolate Bark Thins


  • A2/A2 Milk & Chocolate Milk
  • ​Kombucha 
  • Kefir Soda
  • Well Water


  • Salad Bar with Assorted Toppings and Dressings 
  • Spelt Egg Noodles with A2/A2 Butter and A2/A2 Cream 
  • Natural Grass-Fed Beef Sausages, Regular and Smoked Options
  • Glazed Carrots with Maple Syrup and A2/A2 Butter 
  • Asparagus with A2/A2 Butter 


  • Milk & Cookies
  • Warm Apple Crisp and Whipped A2/A2 Cream



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