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A2 Camembert cheese is here. Moist, soft, and creamy... and there's more!

May 7, 2021

I am personally ecstatic this week, because I LOVE SOFT CHEESE! And, it’s so hard (dare I say impossible) to find cheese, especially soft cheeses, made with high quality milk in stores. 

As of right now, Miller’s is offering for the first time ever - A2 CAMEMBERT CHEESE! And, it’s made with our own 100% grass fed and 100% A2 milk.

Camembert cheese is originally from Normany, France. It has a soft, bloomy, edible rind.

Camembert is very similar to Brie. The differences are subtle.

Camembert has a lower fat content and is a little denser than Brie. It’s made with milk, whereas Brie is made with cream added to milk.

Camembert and Brie are both creamy, smooth, and buttery. But, Camembert is a bit more flavorful, with deep earthy, perhaps even nutty or mushroomy, notes. 

Camembert and Brie are both sold in wheels. But, with Camembert, the wheels are much smaller, around 5” in diameter. Traditional Brie wheels are about 12” across.

Mmmmmmm…. there are so many ways to enjoy Camembert. I love eating it straight up. But, if I’m in the mood for a culinary adventure, I might take it to the next level.

  • Camembert on a einkorn cracker with some jam
  • Camembert on top of a toasted sourdough baguette with honey
  • Camembert on top of an apple slice with goat’s caramel
  • Camembert in potatoes au gratin or in a cheesy potato soup
  • Camembert in a casserole with brussel sprouts and chestnuts
  • For a special celebration, serve a whole baked Camembert. Score the wheel and bake for 15 minutes with olive oil and thyme and garlic… or maybe honey and rosemary and hot pepper flakes… or maybe honey and balsamic vinegar and raspberries and pistachios.... so many possibilities!

Yum yum yum!

PS: The new Camembert is on sale for $1 off for a short time to celebrate it being added to the menu. Get some now to get the deal!

Marie Reedell

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