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Einkorn flour is the best, especially from small farms

February 5, 2021

You may have heard about einkorn flour. Maybe you’re gluten intolerant, maybe you’re really into nutrition, maybe you’re a wheat connoisseur, or maybe you’re a real food enthusiast. No matter your background and interests, you may benefit from einkorn flour, and here’s why.

Einkorn is an ancient grain.

Einkorn is a variety of wheat that dates back for millennia. It grew wild for thousands of years before it was farmed. It falls in the “ancient grain” category.

On the flip side, modern wheat is hybridized. That means that different species of wheat were crossbred to get something “better”. 

In our conventional agricultural world, “better” usually means “profitable”. Modern hybridized wheat gives higher yields, is more disease resistant, and has thinner hulls that make it easier to process. 

But with higher profitability, there are always sacrifices. In the case of wheat, we lose taste and nutritional value. Is it worth it? Well, I personally don’t think so.

Einkorn is delicious!

Einkorn flour is similar in taste to traditional wheat. But, it has a deeper, nutty, and toasty flavor. It adds a bit of warmth to any recipe that calls for flour.

Einkorn can be substituted in any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour. In my personal experience, I have substituted it for all-purpose flour with success.

Einkorn flour contains a completely different type of gluten.

Einkorn contains gluten in similar amounts to conventional wheat. But… the gluten structure is weak and therefore more digestible. So, there’s a good chance that, if you’re gluten intolerant, einkorn may agree with you.

*It’s very important to note that einkorn is NOT safe for people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune condition.

It really makes me stop and think. Are we allergic to food or how it’s been altered? 

People have been eating wheat for a very long time. Perhaps it’s the modern farming practices and heavy processing and additives/chemicals that we are intolerant to… not wheat itself. Or perhaps it’s an abundance of stress and a “dead” diet that makes us unable to handle common foods.

Einkorn flour is more nutritious than conventional wheat.

Compared to conventional wheat, einkorn has 30% more protein, 15% less starch, and a higher concentration of phosphorus, essential fatty acids, potassium, and beta carotene. And, since it’s easier to digest, your body can more easily absorb and utilize all that good stuff.

And, if you grow einkorn on a small farm that practices regenerative agriculture, the nutritional value goes up. The better the soil, the better the food.

At Miller’s Bio Farm, we love einkorn flour!

We sell a bunch of baked goods made with einkorn flour. We also plan on reintroducing einkorn flour sometime this year.

And… starting today, we are offering a plain Einkorn Sourdough Pizza Crust! 

It’s made with all-natural ingredients Miller’s approves of. Top pizza crust with sauce and Miller’s shredded A2 cheese, and you have an easy and nutritious meal!

I’d love to know - do you already use einkorn flour? If you do, how do you use it?

Marie Reedell

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