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Everything might be ok if we simply listen and love each other

September 17, 2021

The world can be a pretty scary place right now. 

People are divided, and the future is uncertain. Whether it’s because of pandemic mandates, inflation, food security, climate change, new technologies, whatever. 

In my opinion, a lot of the scariness comes down to politics. For example, let’s say a state has a “landslide” vote with 65% for and 35% against something, then the rules go in favor of the majority. But what about that 35%? That could be millions of people that feel shorted. Is the 65% considering the 35%? Typically not. That’s how politics in a democratic republic work.

The even scarier part is with your family and community. The divides right now are so strong. I’ve heard too many stories of people breaking up with family and friends. It’s really not ok. Your friends and family should be there to support you, no matter what, right?

All this aside, I have hope. So much hope. I truly believe everything will be ok if we can simply listen and love each other.

The past year and a half has been rough (to say the least). It’s as if we need to re-learn how to listen to each other. We need to re-learn how to empathize with each other. We need to re-learn how to love each other.

You see, when I have an opposing view to someone else, my beliefs and what I say may be harmful to them. I need to understand that. I need to listen and practice nonviolent communication over these really tough issues of today.

For example (and I know this is a BIG and HEATED example right now), let’s say that I am pro vaccine mandates, and I’m speaking to someone who’s pro medical freedom. I say, “Everyone should get the vax. If you don’t, then you only care about yourself.”

Even though I’m acting in what I think is the best interest for myself and everyone, that can be really harmful to them. Instead, I should step back and think.

Maybe it’s against their religious beliefs. Maybe they or someone close to them had a severe vaccine reaction at some point, and the thought of being forced to do it again triggers an anxiety attack. Maybe they are doing lots of other things to protect the health of others. Maybe they got the vaccine personally but believe wholeheartedly in medical freedom. 

You could do the same exercise vice versa or on any topic. There could be so many reasons my views differ from someone else’s. But, unless we are able to have these hard conversations, we won’t get anywhere.

With any problem, there are an abundance of solutions. There’s really never one right answer. Let’s take a breath. Let’s take a step back. Let’s analyze what’s important and move forward together.

At Miller’s, we are here. We listen to customers. We love you, too. We believe your choice is the right choice. Let’s build the next generation of healthy children together.

What do you think? Anything troubling you recently? Anything on your mind? I’d love to hear from you.

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