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Fermented raw A2 milk can boost your pet's health. Here's 7 reasons why!

December 10, 2021

If you’re reading this, then you likely provide your family with the healthiest, most nutritious foods you can… and that should include the furry members of your family, too!

Cats are carnivores, and dogs are omnivores. But, both are mammals. This means that, just like humans, they started their lives drinking raw milk.

Ever have your pet (at least try to) lap milk up from your glass? I have! And, it seems that there’s a good reason for that innate desire.

I was amazed when I started researching the benefits of feeding animals raw dairy. It’s all the same benefits as for humans… but with negligible risk.

You see, cats and dogs have shorter, more acidic digestive tracts. This makes the chance of getting a foodborne illness very low, almost nonexistent. That’s why pets can eat raw meat (and all kinds of other things) with little worry.

It should be noted that, just like humans, not all pets can tolerate dairy. Food allergies/sensitivities or negative consequences from too much fat exist in our furry friends, too.

Here are 7 benefits of feeding your furry family fermented raw milk (in moderation):

1- Raw grass-fed dairy has an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Nothing is destroyed during pasteurization. This promotes general well-being and good health on a bone-deep level. 

2- It’s a healthy protein source and a great way to add moisture to a diet.

As with any diet, rotating protein sources and offering a variety of foods is a good idea. That way, your cats and dogs can get well-rounded nutrition from real food. 

3- Enzymes are present, which aid in overall absorption and digestion.

Live enzymes may help remove toxins, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, and slow the effects of aging. At some point, our pets’ bodies will stop making these enzymes themselves and will need them provided through diet.

4- Probiotic bacteria can improve and maintain a healthy gut.

This, in turn, boosts the immune system. You do not want a microbiological imbalance, which can create an unhealthy environment where harmful bacteria can thrive.

5- It contains beneficial amino acids that reduce oxidative stress.

Amino acids like glutathione and cysteine and taurine reduce damage to cells and help organs function optimally.

6- Raw dairy can help prevent, treat, and heal from minor or chronic illnesses.

These may include liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, poor digestion, diarrhea, pancreatitis, allergies, arthritis, and yeast. Additionally, raw dairy is a bland food which can be excellent for pets healing from stomach issues.

7- Pets can be intolerant to A1 beta-casein protein.

This is where A2 comes in. All mammals, including dogs and cats, produce 100% A2 milk naturally. It’s what they were designed to digest. Cows are the only species that mutated and started producing A1/A2 milk thousands of years ago. The most natural dairy to feed a pet is 100% A2.

What do you feed your pets? How similar are the quality of ingredients compared to what you feed your non-furry family?

PS: We’re adding to our amazing product selection for pets. Now, in addition to raw ground meat, bones, and treats, we are also offering fermented A2 dairy products for pets! Shop all Miller’s pet food here.

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