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Honest disclosure - we're not perfect and neither are our products.

June 24, 2022

At Miller’s Bio Farm, transparency is paramount. We have nothing to hide and everything to learn and share. 

This can be tough sometimes. As a lifelong learner, the more I know, the more questions I have. It’s like Pandora's box is always open.

When I look out onto the beautiful farm pasture, lush and teeming with biodiversity, everything looks bright and sunny and natural. The animals are happy. I can hear the bugs buzzing and the birds chirping. It smells lovely and earthy… with a touch of manure. 

But, when I get into the nitty gritty details of natural food, it’s not quite as picturesque. When I find an unnatural reality of our 99.9% amazingly natural food, it’s as if the weather suddenly turns and a lightning bolt strikes the middle of the field, creating a blackened spot in the wonderfully nostalgic scene. 

Remember the time when we were surprised to get bacon back from the processor with “spice extractives” listed in the ingredients? And then we were told. “It’s proprietary. You don’t have the right to know.” Lightning bolt!!!

I try my best to live a natural life, but I cannot avoid the fact that I’m surrounded by an increasingly unnatural world. It’s similar when producing natural foods. The farm does its best, but it’s still surrounded by a conventional food world. 

For example, Miller’s is limited in the processors it has access to. And those processors are limited by regulations or ingredient sources. And, of course, price always plays a role, too. 

In many cases, there’s simply nothing we can do better… at least not immediately. Right now, truly natural food is something we are all working towards. Gee, I hope we can achieve that goal!

As a food supplier, it’s a difficult place to be. Sure, we can boast about how humanely the animals are raised or how nutrient-dense the food is, and that’s generally what most natural food companies do. But is that an entirely honest picture? 

Here’s our newest solution to this problem:

We’ll be adding an honest disclosure to any products that have a questionable ingredient, come from anywhere where we don’t know everything about them, or if something we found out about them does not 100% align with our goals for natural food. 

This will include additives, non-traceable sourcing, conventional ingredients, packaging notes, etc. The goal is to reach a higher level of transparency and to help those interested in natural eating learn more about what goes into their bodies. You deserve to know!

Keep in mind that this is a BIG task. I mean, Miller’s has 1,000+ products. So, this will be an ongoing task that might take a year to achieve. We’ll be adding more honest disclosures to products on a weekly basis.

In honor of the FREEdom Sausage Giveaway (happening right now), we started with adding an honest disclosure to all of our sausages

Here’s what to look for. When you click on a product, it leads you to the product page that has lots more info about that product. It might include notes about taste, cooking suggestions, farming practices, ingredients… and now you may find an “honest disclosure” at the very bottom.

I don't know of any other store that's doing something like this. Do you? I'm pretty excited to try it out. I'm happy that it will allow Miller's to sell food with confidence, with full disclosure. 

So... what do you think? Is “honest disclosure” a good idea? Or, are we keeping Pandora's box open in a bad way? 

What are your expectations when it comes to the quality of your food? Are imperfections ok? How do you feel about trying to live a natural life surrounded by an increasingly unnatural world?

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below (no account required - start typing and comment as a guest will appear) or contact us.

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