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Introducing Sara, the new and awesome customer service team member!

July 30, 2021

The Miller’s team is growing, and it’s quite exciting. For the past 4.5 years, it has been me and me alone answering customer service emails. 

Alas, the time has come to add some new spirit to the team. This week, I am proud to announce that Sara is joining the customer service team!

Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. But, I’m, so very happy to have a co-worker to help carry the load and provide you with the best service possible.

On to the details...

Sara has a passion for the environment and the art of growing, cooking, and eating real food. She is a maker and a creator with a BFA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. Creative thinking is her specialty. 

Sara has two kids, who she homeschools. She is a lead guide and co-founder of a Forest School, where she teaches kids about nature and environmental stewardship. 

She also enjoys hiking, gardening, baking, organizing fundraisers, and restorative projects to clean up local lakes and waterways. 

Sara loves working with small farmers because it brings a positive and effective change to our environment. It’s not just a job… it's a purpose.

She is motivated and inspired by connecting the community with small farms, creating positive environmental impact, eating real whole food, fostering a love of nature, and lifelong learning. 

I am confident that you are in good hands with Sara. Of course, there may be some bumps along the road. But, as we do at Miller’s, we are always looking to improve what we do.

If you’d like to send Sara a welcome message, that would be so sweet of you. You can reply below or send us a note.

PS: We have another job opportunity on the farm in Quarryville, PA. You can check out the job posting here.

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