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Milk with dignity? Yup, that's us. What everyone does on the farm with pleasure.

September 2, 2022

A customer recently shared the Milk with Dignity program with us. Although the farm won’t get this certification (we only get certified for what’s required), it did make me think. 

Human rights is a big issue in today’s conventional farming world, especially the dairy industry. 

Migrant and underpaid workers, unsafe or unsanitary working conditions, lack of breaks or housing, etc. are all sadly commonplace with conventional supermarket food (including certified organic). It’s a big reason that food can be as cheap as it is.

I spend a lot of time educating customers about what a wonderful life our animals live and how healthy the soil is and how what we do is sustainable and good for the environment and why eating farm direct food can nourish your health. But, what about the humans that work on the farm?

Miller’s Bio Farm is proud to be an awesome place to work. All of our 18 employees are treated with respect and have good morale. 

All employees get lunch and work breaks, are paid fairly, and get bonuses for meeting their goals. It’s a safe and super clean place to work. If they don’t have transportation, the farm will provide it. And, of course, there’s plenty of time for socializing and having fun. 

In addition to the most exciting day of the year - Farm Day - we also have annual staff events. 

This year, we all went to Crystal Cave for a day in July for general employee fun and bonding. The cave was cool, but the wiffle ball games were epic. We also have a Christmas party in December with a white elephant gift exchange. And, of course, all of our events have amazing homemade farm food :) 

Miller’s Bio Farm isn’t just a place to work, it’s a place to learn.

There are a gaggle of Amish girls (teenagers) who work part-time on the farm. They help with things like making raw pet dairy, stamping the boxes with our logo, packing orders, and cleaning. 

There are also a few Amish boys (teenagers) who work part-time on the farm. They help with farm tasks like moving the cows or making hay. And they help with fulfillment tasks like moving inventory, bottling milk, and receiving or sending shipments.

In the Amish culture, kids go to Amish schools through 8th grade. Then, they work in their community and get educated experientially. Their farm job is part of their educational journey.

The first year of high school, the Amish go to school one half day per week. The rest of their high school time, they’re not sitting at a desk, they are working and learning hands on. 

The idea is that they’re getting real world experience. They are able to hold different types of jobs and figure out what work they’d like to do as an adult. It’s experiential education.

Side note: The Amish have fought with the US government over this, and the current education model is the result of a compromise between both parties. 

The farming side of the business is managed by Amish men.

Although we still call him “Farmer Aaron”, Aaron doesn’t really do much farming anymore. He manages the business. He makes sure everything is running smoothly and that we’re upholding our standards. He lends a hand wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Daniel and his wife Rebecca and their 4 children live on the main farm, in one half of Aaron’s house. He tends to our 50 cows and does the milkings. He also tends to the pastured and the turkeys and the chickens and whatever else the farm’s growing. 

Aaron is the oldest of 11 children, and his brother David runs our second dairy farm. He has a herd of 45 cows in Bird-in-Hand, on the farm where Aaron grew up.

If either of our farm managers need help, they get it! Aaron will take over farm tasks for Daniel. And, David lives down the road from his parents and can call on his brothers for help when he needs it. They’ll just run down the road.

And, then there’s the fulfillment management, which is done by a mix of Amish and English men and women (“English” is the Amish word for a non-Amish person).

Cameron (who’s English) manages the freezer and meat inventory. Kevin (also English) manages the packing team and orders the dairy. Lena (who’s Amish) manages the paperwork, non-meat inventory, and so much more. Rich and Justin (a husband and son team who are both English) are drivers and deliver our Farm Driver Home Delivery orders. 

Sara and I (both English) work remotely. We do the email customer service, manage the website and social media, write the newsletters, and basically take care of the farm’s online presence. 

Miller’s Bio Farm has a pretty good thing going. And as we grow, so does our team. It’s such an exciting place to work!

You don’t have to believe me. I just did an employee survey, and you can see the results and some comments from staff below.

It was wonderful, although not surprising, to get overwhelmingly positive results :)

Do you have a note of appreciation to pass to the farm team? Everyone on the team works so hard, and I’m sure they’d love to feel appreciated. 

I’d love to hear from you. Comment at the very bottom of this post (no account required - start typing for the guest option to appear) or contact us. I'll make sure everyone's messages are relayed to the farm team.


Employee Survey Results 

How do you rate your overall employee experience? 

91% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

9% ⭐⭐⭐⭐

0% ⭐⭐⭐

0% ⭐⭐

0% ⭐

The company work environment is safe and comfortable. 

82% Strongly agree

18% Agree

0% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

Teamwork and collaboration are encouraged and practiced. 

82% Strongly agree

18% Agree

0% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

The company encourages and supports a healthy work/life balance.

66% Strongly agree

17% Agree

17% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

I receive adequate opportunities to interact with other employees. 

82% Strongly agree

18% Agree

0% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

I feel welcome at company events, meetings, and social interactions. 

91% Strongly agree

9% Agree

0% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

I love working at Miller’s Bio Farm.

73% Strongly agree

27% Agree

0% Neutral

0% Disagree

0% Strong Disagree

Please give us an open review of your work at Miller’s Bio Farm. How has the experience been, or what have you learned? 

Here are some of the responses:

I am grateful to have so many opportunities to learn new things and be paid for that experience! -Lena

I appreciate the experience of getting to know all the amazing girls @ Miller's Bio. -Linda

Miller's has been such an amazing company to work for. No drama and a smooth-flowing team-oriented workplace makes every day enjoyable and one to remember. Over the past year I have learned so much about this industry and can't wait to continue learning! -Cameron

My experience has been amazing and I have learned to try to communicate clearly with other people. -Barbie Lapp

I am very thankful for my experience working for Miller's Bio Farm. I have not only learned ways to improve my own health but I have also learned skills I can take with me for the rest of my life. It is a special place! -Sara

Marie Reedell