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Our beliefs may vary, but we have a common cause - real ethical food!

September 15, 2023

There was a huge response to last week's newsletter and BLOG POST ABOUT METHANE AND COWS. A grand majority was overwhelmingly positive and thankful for the info. But, there were a few that took serious issue with the fact that the farm was acknowledging that people believe in climate change.

This shed light on what, to me, is the bigger issue here - polarization of thought. In my opinion, this is the real threat in the world. If we can't talk about tough issues, if we can't respect and try to understand another person's beliefs, then how can we move forward together?

This led me to do some very basic and random research, which I found fascinating. Take a look at these various poll results from the last few years in the US:










Wow, our country sure is diverse and ever changing!!!

At Miller's Bio Farm, we accept you all wherever you're at. We don't provide nourishing food and valuable info to only one kind of person. We don't believe one person is right, and the other is wrong. We believe in providing you with info and opinions and letting you decide what's right for you.

That being said...

There's one big thing that everyone who reads these emails and buys food from Miller's Bio Farm has in common: We all support real ethical food!

Now that is beautiful.

Some people do it because they're trying counteract climate change, some people because it aligns with their beliefs (religious, philosophical, or scientific), some people because of their specific diet, and some people because of their political affiliation. No matter the reasons, Miller's Bio Farm supports you.

That is the beauty of diversity. Everyone can have differing beliefs and still rally around a common cause. 

What do you think? Do you engage in challenging conversations? How are at accepting of different beliefs?

I’d love to hear from you. Comment on the blog below (no account needed - start typing for the guest option to appear) or contact us :)



Marie Reedell