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Raw vs. Pasteurized. The benefits and downfalls of each. It's your choice!

May 27, 2022

Not all milk is created equal. 

There’s a lot of factors that affect the nutritional quality of milk before it comes out of the cow - grass fed vs grain fed, active vs sedentary lifestyle, indoors vs outdoors, conventional vs regenerative farming, etc. But, each of those is a huge topic on its own

Today, let’s focus on what affects the nutritional quality of milk after it comes out of the cow: Raw vs Pasteurized.

It’s estimated that a tiny 3% of milk drinkers drink raw milk. 

Maybe it’s the laws, maybe it’s the advertising, maybe it’s doctors’ advice, maybe it’s because of the vilification of raw milk. Who knows. It’s probably a combination of it all. 

Regardless, Miller’s Bio Farm believes it’s your choice. You and only you should choose what foods are best for your body.

Of course, whenever you’re making a choice for your body and your health, it should be an educated one. So, let’s dive in… 

Nutritional Value

Milk in its raw state has more nutritional value compared to pasteurized milk. 

The amount of damage done is directly related to the amount of processing. The higher the pasteurization temperature and time, the more the naturally healthy parts of the milk are damaged. When milk is homogenized, it breaks down nutrients and fats.

Potentially Harmful Pathogens

With raw milk, it’s true: Potentially harmful pathogens are possible. That risk is greatly reduced with pasteurized milk.

Pasteurizing milk significantly reduces the possible danger from “bad” bacteria such as e.Coli, listeria, salmonella, brucellosis, and tuberculosis. They may still be there, but in such small quantities that a person is not likely to become ill.

However, it’s important to note that pasteurized milk does become a vector for potentially dangerous pathogens. If left out or exposed, those microorganisms will thrive in that lactose-y sugar water.

That being said, with rigorous milk safety standards like our farm follows, the risk of consuming raw milk can be very low. Miller’s Bio Farm produces ultra low risk raw milk products. The same cannot be said for all raw milk producers.

Shelf Life

Pasteurizing milk increases the shelf life of milk. While raw milk may be drinkable for up to 2 weeks, lightly pasteurized milk typically lasts up to 3 weeks.

Ultra pasteurized milk lasts even longer.

This is why people from warmer countries like India have traditionally boiled their milk. It keeps it good for longer!

Miller’s Bio Farm believes that dairy is best in as natural a state as possible.

We will continue to offer raw milk for humans in Pennsylvania and raw dairy for pets in all 48 contiguous states.

With our pasteurized dairy, we make sure it’s minimally processed and lightly pasteurized.

The milk is non-homogenized. If you let it sit, the cream will float to the top! It's said that non-homogenized milk has a naturally sweeter, richer flavor compared to homogenized milk. 

Many people enjoy the silky texture of whole cream as well. This texture is lost when the fat is altered through homogenization.

We use low-temperature pasteurization. This kills any potentially harmful bacteria but also preserves some of the nutritional and probiotic benefits of milk. The milk is pumped into a temperature controlled vat and heated slowly to ~145°F. It’s held there for a minimum of 30 minutes, cooled, and packaged.

What’s your choice? Do you consume raw or pasteurized dairy? What’s most important to you when choosing milk?

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below (no account required) or contact us.

PS: Miller’s Bio Farm is offering MORE A2/A2 pasteurized dairy products this week - milk, sour cream, heavy cream, and kefir. This is in addition to our cream top yogurt, Greek yogurt, and ghees.

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