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Screw the planet no more! That means saying goodbye to some things.

May 21, 2021

“Screw the planet.” That’s what the farm staff sadly think when they pack certain products. You see, it really comes down to our reliance on conventional oil-based plastic. 

Making oil-based plastic creates air and water pollution. Oil-based plastic leaches into our food and bodies. It can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. And the plastic stuff that “decomposes” faster doesn’t really - it just makes microplastics, polluting our soil, water, and bodies. Plus, oil isn’t a renewable resource anyway.

Gee, what a challenge it is to get away from the once miraculous oil-based plastic!

So, the Miller’s staff decided. This is enough! Over the next month, we will be discontinuing any product packed in non-compostable plastic that has the same size offered in glass. 

The one exception is milk. We will keep the half gallons and gallons of milk in plastic.

I know. You may be disappointed. Glass is a bit more expensive. However, Miller’s believes that spending a little more to save the world is absolutely worth it.

Despite the fact that modern plant-based compostable plastic exists, companies are not switching over fast enough. The sustainable food packaging industry is behind the times. Come on, speed up!

If only we could get a compostable milk jug right now!! If only we could get a compostable plastic pint container immediately!! Now now now!!

It makes me wonder. Is it the USDA not approving these new materials for use with food? Are companies not willing to make the leap? What is the hold up?

And, just to be clear, I don’t think compostable plastic is our savior… but it is a step in the right direction for now. And, as a society, we need to be taking step after step after step to make the world a better place for future generations.

But, you know, I get it. Miller’s is struggling to switch some of our packaging to existing sustainable options. It takes time.

For example, butter. We desperately want to wrap it in paper instead of packing it in a plastic tub. But that means we need new equipment and wrappers and labels and inspections and so on. It takes time.

Please know we are working on it!

PS: Are there any sustainably-packaged products that you buy (from Miller’s or elsewhere) that you absolutely love? I’d love your help. I want to learn about all the awesome options available now! 

Marie Reedell

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