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You are not alone. You belong. Your choice is the right choice.

May 15, 2021

Miller’s Bio Farm hosted Farm Day last weekend. It was a wonderful day filled with eating excellent healthy food, connecting with like minded families, and getting to know the farm and farm staff and animals better.

Although Farm Day was overwhelmingly positive, I had a few too many conversations with (non-Amish) people about feeling displaced, alone, and ostracized. What has our world come to!?

Holistic or alternative healthcare, vaccine choice, dietary restrictions, education paths, parenting decisions, mask wearing, and more are all hot button topics right now. And, depending on your stance, many are finding themselves exiled from family and friends and “the system” and insecure and anxious about the future.

I absolutely understand the struggle. I’ve personally dealt with many of the above issues with friends, family, and strangers. And, farmer Aaron and his Amish community certainly have, too.

I’d just like to say - THIS IS NOT OK! Our American culture has become so polarized, in the past year especially, with the mainstream claiming the only truth.

Wasn’t America founded on the belief that all people are created equal? Aren’t fundamental rights supposed to be liberty, free speech, and freedom of religion/belief?

I know that decisions, especially decisions that go against the grain, are not made on a whim. They are made with research and conviction. They are educated decisions.

Wherever you are on your food or holistic journey, your choice is the right choice. You belong at Miller’s Bio Farm. We accept you for who you are. You are not alone.

The Miller’s team is fighting for the right to choose and what we believe in every day. Whether in regard to access to raw dairy, real food made without synthetic ingredients, regenerative agriculture/healthcare, holistic health choices, or sustainable packaging, we are right here with you. Spreading knowledge and making change, whether big or small, every day.

As we reopen America, I urge us all to open up to each other. Open up to different viewpoints. Open up to different ways of being. Open up to new knowledge. Don’t stop learning. Let’s connect. Let’s inspire healthy generations together.

Have you been struggling lately? If so, please stand strong. And, feel free to share… if you so choose.

Marie Reedell

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