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1 gallon - A2/A2 Whole Heritage Milk

1 gallon - A2/A2 Whole Heritage Milk

Pasteurized Cow

Forget about the generic, store-bought milk. This is genuine milk in all its glory! No fillers, no unnecessary additives, minimally heated, and non-homogenized. It is proudly sourced from heritage breeds like Guernsey and Jersey, known for their rich and creamy milk. Every drop echoes ORIGIN's commitment to quality, perfectly aligned with Miller's Bio Farm's values.

Need the Nitty Gritty Details?

Each jug comes with a best by date to help guide you. But it usually lasts about 2 weeks after you receive it. However, once opened, there are so many variables that can affect shelf life (time out of the fridge, contaminants getting in, etc).

Make sure to keep your milk in the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf. That's where the temperatures stay cool and consistent, creating the ideal environment to maintain the freshness of your milk.

By keeping it at the back, away from any temperature fluctuations, you're ensuring that every cup remains as delicious as the first!

Can I freeze milk?
You can absolutely freeze milk, but some may notice a change in texture and consistency, and some don't. We recommend starting with a small amount to test before freezing lots of milk to see if you notice a taste difference.

You can freeze milk for up to 6 months. Store it on its side, and make sure there’s at least 2” of head space to account for any expansion.

Note: The longer it's frozen, the more noticeable the changes.
We think ORIGIN's A2/A2 Whole Heritage Milk is something special, and it's not just for drinking straight from the glass (though that's pretty great, too). Add a splash to your morning coffee or tea. It's perfect to add to sauces, and soups, or use it to make ice cream! Bakers will love it for adding extra tenderness to cakes and bread. And of course, it's the ideal companion for your favorite cereals or oatmeal.
The cream is on top?
Yup! The cream will separate and “sit” on top of the milk. Make sure you give it a good shake (and the lid is on securely!) to mix the cream back into the milk.

How much cream is on top?
There's about 1" of cream on top.
ORIGIN uses low-heat VAT pasteurization for their full fat milk. The milk is slowly heated to 145°F (the lowest temperature allowed), then held at that temperature for 30 minutes, and then immediately cooled down.

This method ensures that the milk is as nutrient-rich as possible and that the flavor is top-notch. Plus, they never homogenize the milk, guaranteeing a beautiful cream top, just as full fat milk should have!
This milk is not from our farm. It's from a local farm that practices in the same ways that we do. The milk is pasteurized, which means that microorganisms, fatty acids, and minerals are altered.

The milk is packaged in HDPE plastic, which is the most environmentally stable of all plastics. It does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, harmful fumes, or allergens. But all plastic has the potential to leach chemicals.