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1 quart - Raw Buffalo Milk in Glass (PA ONLY)

1 quart - Raw Buffalo Milk in Glass (PA ONLY)

Raw Buffalo

Dense and luscious. Rich, creamy, smooth, and mild.

Did you know that buffalo milk is naturally A2/A2? That's right. Buffalo did not go through a genetic mutation like cows, and their milk contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein, making it less allergenic and more digestible than non-A2 cow milk.

Beyond the fact that it's A2, buffalo milk is said to be the most nutritious milk. Compared to conventional cows' milk, it contains double the protein, double the fat, double the calcium, up to 40% more vitamins and minerals, and half the cholesterol.


The buffalos at Buffalo Valley Pastures are treated with care.

They are 100% grass-fed and truly pastured in regenerated fields. They aren't given hormones or routine antibiotics. They are naturally healthy. Yes, it's more difficult to milk a buffalo, but it's well worth the effort!