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10 - 8oz Raw Second/Third Milking A2/A2 Colostrum for Cats & Dogs (Glass)

10 - 8oz Raw Second/Third Milking A2/A2 Colostrum for Cats & Dogs (Glass)

Raw Cow, Frozen

Often called 'golden milk'

Packed with nutrients (lactoferrin and hemopexin) protecting the immune system, our colostrum is the first milk from cows soon after birth.

From the 2nd and 3rd milkings. Depending on the cow, it may have more colostrum or more milk content.

Never heated or altered in any way.

Can be lapped up as a snack or added to kibble or ground meat.

*Dairy shouldn't be a staple food for cats. Being carnivores, raw meat is their essential food. Use dairy as a treat or mix in with their other food for a limited period. 



Colostrum is such a hard product to predict. Cows freshen all the time, but it's hard to say whether they'll produce enough to sell. The calf always gets first dibs. Then, when it does become available, it typically sells out quickly.

There is no waiting list. There is no notification system for colostrum coming back in stock. Your best bet is to order it when it's available or, if it's out of stock, check back weekly to see if it's available.


About our raw pet food

Made to the same rigorous standards as all of our products.

We believe that your whole family should get the best quality, most nutrient-dense, safest foods available. That’s why our pet food is made in the same way that we would prepare food for ourselves - with simple high quality ingredients, a straightforward process, and extreme attention to detail.

Treat your animals with love and respect. Feed them real food for pets! Learn more about what puts our raw dairy pet food above the rest.


About our A2/A2 cow dairy

All of our cows are genetically tested and have a 100% A2/A2 protein profile.

Our cow milk is always raw, never heated or processed in any way. It comes straight from the udders to you.

All of our cow dairy is 100% grass fed. In the warmer months, our cows are fed fresh chemical-free grass. They are moved to fully grown, fresh pasture 3 times per day. In the colder months, our cows’ diet is supplemented with alfalfa hay and an organic nutrient blend – never grain of any kind.

Our cows are never given antibiotics or hormones. If needed, our cows receive homeopathic treatments.

Milk safety is a top priority. Miller's Bio Farm is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for raw milk production and bottling. We also test every batch of milk on site for general bacteria counts. Learn more about our milk safety protocols here.