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1 dozen - Corn & Soy Free Duck Eggs

1 dozen - Corn & Soy Free Duck Eggs

Vary in size

Did you know that duck eggs are even more nutrient-rich than chicken eggs?

They're particularly rich in vitamin B12 and selenium and have higher vitamins and minerals all around.

Duck eggs are 50-100% larger than chicken eggs, contain more protein, have large yolks and a rich, creamy flavor. If you haven't tried them, you are really missing out.

Use duck eggs for an extra decadent and nutrient-rich breakfast sandwich. Their high protein and fat content also makes them excellent for baking. Substitute two duck eggs for every three chicken eggs that a recipe calls for.

Our ducks are humanely raised. Beyond just being cage free, they are allowed to roam wherever they please on chemical free fields.

The duck feed comes from River Nutrition. It is corn and soy-free and contains barley, flax, sunflower seeds, and certified for organic feed supplements that contain vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and essential oils. The feed is tested monthly for glyphosate, and it has always come back with a negligible result that is lower than certified organic feed.


Honest Disclosure: The farmer buys in feed and does not grow it himself. It is not traceable back to a single farm. The eggs are washed in soapy water, which removes the bloom from the egg. This means that the eggs should be refrigerated.