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3 pack - Alaska Wild Salmon Portions

3 pack - Alaska Wild Salmon Portions

Comes frozen. Contains raw fish - no additive or preservatives.

"These nutrition-packed portions are the perfect serving size. You can easily whip up dinner in a snap, or thaw out just enough for your lunch without creating leftovers. Sockeye Salmon’s diet of krill and phytoplankton give its firm meat the dramatic hue and deep flavor profile that make it the most photogenic salmon species. It’s a rich source of iron, selenium, Vitamins A, B, D and heart healthy omega 3s — basically, there is nothing healthier!

"Broil, pan fry or grill — this vibrant fish works with any favorite salmon or seafood recipe. Portions come boneless and skin-on.

"To maintain top quality, our salmon is slid onto the boat to reduce bruising, immediately submerged in ice cold sea water to keep it under 40 degrees, and then flash-frozen hours after the catch to capture the best color, flavor, and texture."