An embroiled and heated family debate - Is a hot dog a sausage? Read more and join the conversation here.
Beef Hot Dogs

Beef Hot Dogs

Fire up the grill for these hot dogs!

Our all-beef hot dogs are nitrate-free and delicious grilled or pan-cooked.

These dogs are as wholesome as you can get!

Grilled, boiled, or pan seared these 100% all beef hot dogs offer up some great flavor.

Kids will love them!

Hot dogs cook up fast and are super versatile.

Try them seared and sliced with some Mac and cheese, or of course go with the classic on a bun smothered with mustard and pickled high with sauerkraut kraut...yum!



Beef, water, potato starch, vinegar, salt, ground mustard seed, dextrose, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, plum/prune powder

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