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1lb - Beef Pet Food

1lb - Beef Pet Food

Contains 90% muscle meat, 5% offal, and 5% bone.

An all natural food, for your best friend!

Miller's beef pet food is clean eating for pets! Ground beef with ground heart, liver, tongue, and kidney.

Pet food does not have to be the same old dry kibble day after day. Pets need and deserve delicious and nutrient dense meals too! Eating a diet that includes raw meat can help improve your pets health.

Benefits may include:

Balanced weight

Improved Digestion

Shinnier Coats

Better Muscle Tone

Cleaner Teeth

Feeding your pet Miller's Beef Pet Food will leave them feeling deeply satisfied and happy!

*This is NOT a complete pet food. It is 90% ground muscle meat, 5% offal, and 5% bone (including cartilage and ligaments).

Complete pet food includes 80% muscle meat & fat, 5% liver, and 5% other offal. To make sure your animals are getting a healthy diet, you can feed this pet food to your animals and either supplement with other ingredients or make your own homemade pet food mixes.

This pet food is from animals raised for human consumption with the same standards as our other meats.

**Comes frozen in a vacuum sealed package.


Honest Disclosure: Whole beef carcasses are sprayed with organic apple cider vinegar. Packaged in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.