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1 quart - Beef Tallow for Cats & Dogs

1 quart - Beef Tallow for Cats & Dogs

Tallow is an excellent fat naturally rich in vitamins and minerals!

It is great for making nourishing balms and salves. Or, add to your pet's meal for some added fat and energy. 

Beef tallow is rendered beef fat. This tallow is certified for pet consumption and for use externally on humans and pets.

Tallow is also wonderful for skincare! It protects the skin barrier, moisturizes, and feeds your skin with all those wonderful grass-fed nutrients!

*Beef tallow is solid at room temperature and can be stored to extended periods of time without refrigeration, as long as it is kept in an air tight container.


Honest Disclosure: The tallow is packaged in HDPE plastic, which is the most environmentally stable of all plastics. It does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, harmful fumes, or allergens. But all plastic has the potential to leach chemicals.