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1 quart - Raw Buffalo Milk for Cats & Dogs (Glass)

1 quart - Raw Buffalo Milk for Cats & Dogs (Glass)

Raw Buffalo

Buffalo milk is said to be the most nutritious milk.

Compared to conventional cows' milk, it contains double the protein, double the fat, double the calcium, up to 40% more vitamins and minerals, and half the cholesterol.

Never heated or altered in any way. Can be lapped up as a snack or added to kibble or ground meat.

*Dairy shouldn't be a staple food for cats. Being carnivores, raw meat is their essential food. Use dairy as a treat or mix in with their other food for a limited period. 


About our raw pet food

Made to the same rigorous standards as all of our products.

We believe that your whole family should get the best quality, most nutrient-dense, safest foods available. That’s why our pet food is made in the same way that we would prepare food for ourselves - with simple high quality ingredients, a straightforward process, and extreme attention to detail.

Treat your animals with love and respect. Feed them real food for pets! Learn more about what puts our raw dairy pet food above the rest.


Milk safety is a top priority. 

Miller's Bio Farm is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for raw milk production and bottling. We also test every batch of milk on site for general bacteria counts. Learn more about our milk safety protocols here.


The buffalos at Buffalo Valley Pastures are treated with care.

They are 100% grass-fed and truly pastured in regenerated fields. They aren't given hormones or routine antibiotics. They are naturally healthy. Yes, it's more difficult to milk a buffalo, but it's well worth the effort!