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Boneless Skin-On Chicken Breasts

Boneless Skin-On Chicken Breasts

Corn & Soy Free

Boneless skin-on chicken breasts are easy to cook and extra flavorful!

Leaving the skin-on keeps the chicken juicy and perfect for a quick dinner.

These boneless skin-on chicken breasts are cut from pastured chickens fed a GMO-free, soy-free, & corn-free feed. They are nutritious and full of flavor.

Chicken breasts have a reputation for being dry, but leaving the skin on naturally bastes the chicken as it cooks and means you will have tender chicken every time!

Season each chicken breast heavily with salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs before starting it skin-side down in a pan to get the skin nicely crispy.

*Comes frozen and individually vacuum sealed.


Honest Disclosure: Chickens are washed in an ice bath with certified-for-organic and non-GMO citric and lactic acids. This is a lab-produced anti-microbial. Packaged in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.