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What are whoopie pie's?

Are they a cookie, pie, cake...sandwich?

One thing we know for sure is they are a delicious dessert!

These classic whoopee pies are made with two round chocolate cakes, sandwiching a filling of fluffy white cream, yum!

They are kind of like the Oreo's super stuffed cousin.

Fun Fact: The origins of the whoopee are fiercely debated. But, Pennsylvania natives will say that the whoopie pie originated in the Pennsylvania Amish community!

Our whoopie pies from Walnut Creek Bakery are made with wholesome ingredients, that make this pie a a treat you can healthfully indulge in.


About Walnut Run Farm Bakery:

Walnut Run Farm is a family farm located in Honeybrook, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

They offer many high-quality food products at local farms and markets. They love offering healthy foods that are produced right on the farm.

The Bakery at Walnut Run Farm brings you the finest of baked goods. They uphold standards far beyond what is expected from most health oriented bakeries. They do everything from scratch (no store-bought dough mixes etc.) using their own devised or revised recipes. Many will find that their baked goods do not have compromised flavors just because we use more natural and organic ingredients. 

Instead, they give proof that it is very possible to make delicious foods with REAL ingredients and that carry a memorable taste!



Cake: Organic sprouted spelt flour, raw honey, 100% grass-fed pastured buttermilk, organic cacao powder, 100% grass-fed pastured butter, pastured soy-free eggs, chemical-free baking soda, organic vanilla, real salt.
Icing: Organic powdered sugar, organic palm shortening, tapioca starch, water, organic vanilla.