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1 pint - Kimchee (Glass)

1 pint - Kimchee (Glass)


A flavorful probiotic food that's great for Asian-inspired meals

A sour pickled taste. Typically a spicy food, but ours is on the mild side.

Kimchee is a staple in Korean cuisine, made of salted and fermented vegetables with spices. It can be served as a side dish or used in soups or stews.

Kimchee is undoubtedly a healthy food. It's packed with nutrients, can strengthen the immune system, and may reduce inflammation.

Kimchee is made with lacto-fermentation. Fermented foods not only have an extended shelf life and enhanced favor and aroma, they are also packed with friendly microorganisms that can improve gastrointestinal health.

Although kimchee is easy to make at home, you can save some time by buying it pre-made with simple quality ingredients.


Our cultured vegetables are from a local organic farm that uses old world techniques to grow and ferment its products.



Chinese cabbage, onions, carrots, daikon radish, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, and Celtic sea salt.