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Blueberry Gluten-Free Muffins, 2-pack

Blueberry Gluten-Free Muffins, 2-pack

2 pack

Start your morning with a classic blueberry muffin!

You can feel good about eating these muffins, they are made with simple wholesome ingredients!

Whether you need to grab a quick breakfast on the run, or just want a tasty treat these blueberry muffins are ready to enjoy.

They are made with protein packed almond flour, pastured eggs, and organic grass-fed milk.

Our blueberry muffins are great on the go snack!

*Two muffins per package


About Walnut Run Farm Bakery:

Walnut Run Farm is a family farm located in Honeybrook, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

They offer many high-quality food products at local farms and markets. They love offering healthy foods that are produced right on the farm.

The Bakery at Walnut Run Farm brings you the finest of baked goods. They uphold standards far beyond what is expected from most health oriented bakeries. They do everything from scratch (no store-bought dough mixes etc.) using their own devised or revised recipes. Many will find that their baked goods do not have compromised flavors just because we use more natural and organic ingredients. 

Instead, they give proof that it is very possible to make delicious foods with REAL ingredients and that carry a memorable taste!



Almond flour, organic blueberries, honey, pastured eggs, organic grass-fed milk, coconut flour, baking soda, Real salt