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Homemade Potato Chips, 8oz

Homemade Potato Chips, 8oz

Fried in Soy-Free Lard!

Looking for an all-natural snack to feel good about? These potato chips are made with chemical-free potatoes, soy-free lard from pastured pigs, and pink Himalayan sea salt. It's a treat that's good to eat!

Need the Nitty Gritty Details?

The potato chips should last 6 weeks past the sell by date on the bag. It's recommended to store them at room temp in a dark cabinet or drawer.
They are amazingly delicious on their own, but are also incredible paired with a dip. One of our favorite dips is onion dip made simply with sour cream, caramelized onions, salt, and pepper. Remember to let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour so all those yummy flavors are distributed. Or, want to elevate your chicken fingers? Try crusting them in potato chips instead of bread crumbs. Yum!
The potatoes say "chemical-free".  Are they sprayed with anything?
The potatoes that Mt. Pleasant Farm grows aren't sprayed with anything at all. But, they can't grow enough potatoes themselves, so they buy potatoes from a fellow farmer down the road. That farmer sprays the potatoes once a year to prevent pests and fungus. Both sprays that are used are certified for organic production.

The lard comes from pigs. How are the pigs raised?
The pigs are raised on small local Amish farms. They are out at pasture or in the woods as much as the weather allows. In addition to what they forage for, they are also fed a chemical-free and soy-free feed.

They're just soy free? Why not soy AND corn free?
Right now, the lard comes from pigs from two farms. One is soy free, and the other is corn and soy free. If there's enough demand, Mt. Pleasant Farm can offer a corn & soy free option in the future.
Potato chips are easy to make... but it's messy and time consuming. Here's how it's done:
1. Potatoes are sliced very thinly and allowed to dry out a bit.
2. The sliced potatoes are fried in a deep vat of very hot lard, kept around 365F, for about 7-8 minutes.
3. Immediately after frying, they are sprinkled and tossed with pink Himalayan sea salt.
4. Once the yummy chips are done and cooled, they are put into bags.
The potatoes and lard are produced by local farms we know and trust. However, the pink Himalayan sea salt is obviously bought in. The potatoes are not certified organic but follow all the protocols (plus some). That's why we call them chemical-free.



Chemical-Free Potatoes, Soy-Free Lard, and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt