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Organic Pre-Soaked Rolled Oats, 2lb

Organic Pre-Soaked Rolled Oats, 2lb

Looking for the best quality oats?

Well look no further Miller's Bio farm has it covered!

These oats from Suplee Hollow Cereals check all the boxes:


Locally grown

Pre-soaked and rolled ready to cook!

Full of nutrients and more!

The oats are pre-soaked for 7 hours in a mixture of water and raw apple cider vinegar. Then, they're dried. This helps increase the digestibility of the cereal.

Grains that aren’t soaked before eating emit a gas that can cause a bloated full feeling. Pre-soaking the grains virtually eliminates any discomfort that comes from eating un-soaked grains.

Once the oats are dried they are run through a roller mill to the texture that is found in each bag of wholesome cereal.

These organic pre-soaked rolled are super versatile, use them in baking, add to smoothies, you can even add to meatloaf or meatballs as a substitute for breadcrumbs!

But of course nothing beats a steaming hot bowl of fresh oatmeal topped with maple syrup and fresh fruit..yum!!


A bit about Suplee Hollow Cereals:

Located in Honey Brook, PA, Suplee Hollow Cereals is owned and operated by an Amish family.

They source nuts, oats, and other ingredients from local health food distributors. All ingredients are certified organic with the exception of vanilla (very expensive and perhaps not worth the organic label) and Celtic sea salt (cannot be "organic").

When the cereal is prepared to perfection it is immediately bagged and sealed before is loses any flavor.

Only the finest ingredients are used to produce their cereal and granola bars.

Suplee Hollow Cereals strives to maintain the highest quality and freshness for their customers.