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Naked Bacon AKA Sliced Pork Belly

Naked Bacon AKA Sliced Pork Belly

Everyone loves bacon! But, not everyone loves mystery ingredients...

That's where naked bacon comes in. Uncured. Nothing added. Just sliced pork belly.

Because our pigs are raised naturally in the woods, there's plenty of flavor to our pork. You won't even miss the cured aspect!

To enjoy naked bacon, cook it over medium heat until crispy. Heat up your cast iron pan on medium or medium high and generously sprinkle your naked bacon with salt. Fry it up until it's your desired crispiness. Yum!

Or, if you'd really like to emulate that sweet & smoky bacon flavor, you can brine the slices before you cook them.

Start the night before and mix warm water with two parts sugar and one part salt until dissolved. Add some liquid smoke or herbs of your choosing. Pour over your naked bacon and soak overnight in the fridge. Then, cook like regular old bacon! See a full recipe here.


Honest Disclosure: Packaged in plastic, which can leech chemicals into the food.