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You can't go wrong with a classic T-bone steak!

Miller's T-bone steaks are full of nutrients and big beef flavor from our 100% grass-fed and finished cows.

The T-bone steak is a New York Strip steak connected to a large T shaped bone. It's a real winner of a cut, with the tender meat and rich fat of the steak enhanced by all the extra flavor and nutrients from the bone!

This steak is best prepared simply. No need to fuss with raw ingredients this special.

Just season with salt and pepper then grill until medium or medium-well. Let the natural flavors of this steak shine!



Honest Disclosure: The beef is packaged in HDPE plastic, which is the most environmentally stable of all plastics. It does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, harmful fumes, or allergens. But all plastic has the potential to leach chemicals.