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1 quart - Turkey Bone Broth  BEST BY 10-5-21

1 quart - Turkey Bone Broth BEST BY 10-5-21

Will last an extra six months in freezer

Pasture-raised. Fresh air and sunshine. 

That’s the recipe for health! 

Our 100% pasture-raised turkeys make for a very high quality bone broth!

Bone broth has quickly become one of the most popular health-boosting additions to the kitchen table. But it’s not a new health fad. In fact, throughout history societies have used bone broths as a staple in the traditional diet. 

Bone broth was valued by many cultures because it’s packed with nutrients, easy to digest, rich in flavor, and loaded with restorative amino acids. For some, it was even medicinal (and still is). Preparing bone broths was also a way to use every part of the animal. So nothing was wasted.  

Here at Miller’s Biodiversity Farm, we value health. And we don’t waste anything. To the bone. Made with a variety of bones, including many knuckle bones, some marrow bones, and feet. We simmer for 48 hours to ensure that you get the rich minerals and vitamins you need. 

*Comes frozen.


About our pastured poultry:

Here at Miller's Bio Farm our poultry have access to a wholesome and natural diet.

Our chickens and turkeys forage for countless seeds and bugs on our beautiful green pastures. In addition to the food they find solo, we feed the chickens a GMO-free feed. The feed contains a specially formulated blend of corn, wheat, peas, barley, fishmeal (from sardines), flax seed, kelp, and a nutri-balancer which has kelp, vitamins, and minerals.

We believe animals should be treated with respect and have access to plenty of fresh air, open space, and sunshine!

Our poultry spend their time on pasture in mobile coops doing what they do best, catching bugs, scratching in the dirt, and soaking in the sun. These coops get moved daily to allow the hens to always have access to fresh pasture.

The birds share the pasture with their guard dog Trixi and their guard alpacas. Yes, alpacas help guard our flock of poultry by alerting of predictors with heir unique sounds, and of course spit!

A better bird, and a difference you can taste!

The quality of the life of our poultry is reflected in the quality of our chicken and turkey products. When you order chicken or turkey from Miller's Bio Farm you can be sure that you are getting the real deal, pasture-raised, nutrient-dense, wholesome poultry!



Water, Meaty Turkey Bones, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Herbs, Celtic Sea Salt

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