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Don't feel guilty about spending more on food than most can afford

February 19, 2021

*Note: Inequality is a HUGE issue. This message is not intended to downplay it but acknowledge it as the unfortunate reality. It is each person's responsibility to affect change from their own place of power, whatever that may be.


I have this guilt within me. Maybe you have it, too. I spend more on food than most can afford. 

It’s really not fair. I wish everyone could cook and eat with the quality of ingredients I have in my kitchen.

But then I got to thinking. Sure, the dollar amount I spend is more than an average American. But, it’s how I spend those dollars that matters.

When I am spending on food, I am mostly sourcing from small farms and supporting causes at the same time. 

I realized that I’m buying more than food.

My health protects others. By choosing high quality, junk free, nutrient-dense, and properly prepared foods, I can improve my health. And that means that my immune system becomes stronger. And my immunity protects others from sickness.

My health takes the strain off the medical system. By making health conscious food choices, I need less medical care. This leaves more room for those who need it. And, who knows, if enough people start eating better, maybe we can collectively reduce healthcare premiums one day (yea yea yea, I know, too wishful of thinking).

I am regenerating soil. The farms I support all have the soil in mind. The farming practices improve biodiversity and water retention and reduce erosion and water pollution. 

I am improving the environment. Regenerative farms capture carbon, reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals, and correct mineral imbalances in the environment. Buying direct from zero-waste farms reduces food waste in landfills. Sustainable and minimal packaging reduces plastic and other waste in landfills. 

I am treating animals humanely. Pastured animals are given access to nature, which they need for their happiness. Properly cared for animals are not pumped with junk like vaccines, hormones, GMOs, and soy.

I am helping create a new and better food system. E-commerce for groceries is fairly new, and I believe it’s the future. We now know how fragile and unhealthy our conventional food system is. We need a better system. We need to support farmers directly.

I am inspiring healthy generations. This is the Miller’s Bio Farm tagline. And, it’s true. My food choices impact future generations. My food choices inspire health in the soil, the animals, the food, the farmers, and myself. 

So, I don’t feel guilty about spending more on food than most can afford. My food choices are much more than just about me. 

What is most important to you when choosing food? I’d love to hear from you.

Marie Reedell

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